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Be Bright Rewards Program—Brandon, SD

How to Get Complimentary Teeth Whitening

When was the last time you got a pleasant surprise at the dentist? If nothing comes to mind, then you’re far from alone! Wehrkamp Dentistry is ready to change this thanks to our Be Bright Rewards program. Right now, all NEW and RECARE patients will receive a FREE set of Opalescence To-Go Trays at their checkups and cleanings.  

How Does the Be Bright Rewards Program Work?

It’s simple. If you’re a new patient , just schedule an appointment at Wehrkamp Dentistry for a checkup and cleaning, and we’ll give you your trays before you leave.

If you’re a returning patient , you’ll get your Opalescence trays every time you come in for your semi-annual checkups and cleanings as long as you don’t have any outstanding treatments that need to be completed. It’s also important to point out that you’ll need to adhere to a consistent checkup schedule (at least twice a year) to qualify for free whitening.

Whether it will be your first appointment or you’ve visited us for years, you can start taking advantage of our Be Bright Rewards Program by scheduling a checkup today . The stunningly white smile you’ve always wanted is much closer than you think!

How to Get FREE Take-Home Teeth Whitening with Us

Our Be Bright Rewards Program makes it easy for both new and returning patients to get FREE take-home teeth whitening every time they come to Wehrkamp Dentistry! All you have to do is schedule a checkup and cleaning with us, and while you’re here, we’ll give you an Opalescence To-Go kit. As long as you keep up with your twice-a-year visits, you’ll receive a free kit at every appointment.

Opalescence To-Go offers the convenience of a store-bought kit with the strength and effectiveness of a professional, in-office treatment when it comes to removing annoying dental stains. To learn more about our Be Bright Rewards Program and how you can start taking advantage of it, click here .