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Can You Drink Coffee While Wearing Invisalign?

March 4, 2022

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Now that you’re undergoing Invisalign treatment, you can be sure to enjoy your newly straightened smile in no time! In the meantime, you’ll have to be cautious about eating or drinking anything while wearing your aligners. So, what do you do if you’re a coffee lover? Read on to learn why you should avoid drinking a cup of joe with your trays on, and the alternative ways you can still enjoy it during the process!

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee When Wearing Invisalign

The main rule of thumb for Invisalign is to never eat or drink anything while wearing them—with the exception of pure water. Here are a few reasons you should avoid coffee:

  • Discoloration/Stains: Most beverages other than water can easily stain your clear aligners. Since coffee is dark, it can cause significant discoloration or staining, making your trays less discreet while you wear them. Additionally, if the liquid gets trapped underneath your aligners, your teeth become more prone to stains as well.
  • Increased risk of decay: Many people add cream and sugar to their coffee, which is already acidic. By drinking a cup of joe with your trays on, you can actually heighten the risk of tooth decay by exposing your smile to acidic and sugary liquids.
  • Warped trays: Not only is coffee dark and sugary, but it’s also hot! Your Invisalign trays are made of thermoplastics that are heat sensitive. Drinking coffee, then, can warp and damage your aligners, impeding your treatment process.

How to Enjoy Coffee With Invisalign

Though you won’t want to drink coffee with your trays on, you can still enjoy it with a few minor changes! Before having a cup of joe, remove and store your aligners to lower your risk of losing or damaging them. After you’ve finished it, brush and rinse your trays and teeth to clear away any particles.

You can also try drinking your cup of coffee in 15-30 minutes instead of sipping it for an hour or two. This way you can go back to wearing your aligners sooner. Also, reducing or eliminating cream and sugar from your beverage can help prevent cavities and bacteria growth.

Having a fresh brew of coffee in the morning is still possible with Invisalign, and it only takes a few preventive measures to keep your teeth and trays safe. With these few tips, you can be sure to enjoy your new smile after a smooth process!

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