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Cosmetic Dentist - Sioux Falls, SD

Improving Appearances with Safe and Effective Treatment

A woman lying in the leaves and smiling Most people value the personal and professional benefits of an attractive smile. Yet many people – up to 40% of the population – are dissatisfied with their teeth. At Wehrkamp Dentistry, our cosmetic dentist can evaluate your smile and suggest cosmetic enhancements that can restore confidence and health. Enhancements include fixing chips, closing gaps, whitening teeth, straightening teeth, reducing a gummy smile, or a complete smile makeover through porcelain veneers or a combination of other procedures and treatments. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Two young women hugging and smiling When considering cosmetic dentistry, it is likely that you are considering the many benefits it can offer, such as:

At Wehrkamp Dentistry, we not only care about the health of your smile but it’s overall aesthetic, too!

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

A young guy having his teeth whitened Our cosmetic dentists may recommend a variety of different treatments based on your wants and needs. These procedures are very conservative, and in the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Scott and Dr. Jeff Wehrkamp, we can offer results that rival that of porcelain veneers or crowns. Take a look at our smile gallery to see some of the amazing results we’ve had with composite restorations.

Teeth Whitening

A shade guide being used to determine color on a male patient’s smile

White teeth convey youth and self-confidence. The problem is not everyone is born with perfectly white teeth. Genetics, aging, medications, foods, and beverages all play a role in the color of your teeth, and over time, you’ll begin to notice the shade of your teeth begin to change. Fortunately, you can have a brilliantly whiter smile without harming your tooth enamel and Wehrkamp Dentistry can help. We offer advanced whitening solutions to be used at home or coupled with in-office treatment.

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A young woman pointing to her smile Porcelain veneers cover natural teeth to conceal and improve a variety of flaws and imperfections at once. Veneers are thin shells of dental porcelain, which cover the front surface and the leading edge of teeth. The result is a completely personalized smile, matching the exact size, shape and shade that you desire. To ensure that your smile looks and feels completely natural, Brandon dentists Dr. Scott Wehrkamp and Dr. Jeff Wehrkamp work with a highly specialized dental lab to custom-design porcelain veneers that look extremely life-like.

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Crown Lengthening (Gum Lifts)

A woman inserting a clear aligner Crown lengthening is a simple cosmetic procedure that can be performed in our office, often in one visit. When excess gum tissue is present, it can be problematic for not only your appearance but your oral health as well. By removing the unnecessary tissue, teeth become elongated and smiles become more even. During your consultation, we’ll talk with you about your options, what to expect during the procedure, and the outcome you want to achieve.

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A group of friends smiling Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to gently shift teeth in the appropriate direction. Designed to correct crooked, gapped, overcrowded teeth, and even bite alignment problems, Invisalign is a clear alternative for patients looking for a more subtle, discreet way to improve their smile. If worn according to the instructions provided by our team, which is 20-22 hours each day, you can expect to see results anywhere between 12-24 months, which is significantly quicker than with traditional metal braces.

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Cosmetic Smile Design

A young woman talking to her medical professional Digital imaging is a wonderful tool that we use to help our patients visualize the end results of cosmetic and restorative work. By simply asking the right questions, taking various photos of your current smile, and keying in the correct input into the computer, we can generate a graphic image to demonstrate accurately how your procedure will affect your smile makeover. We also use digital photography and work closely with our ceramists to ensure the desired result is achieved. Cosmetic smile design is a big part of our practice!

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Understanding the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

Every patient is different, so the needs, factors, and type of cosmetic dentistry used will determine how much you can expect to spend on your treatment. If a minor chip is all that needs fixing, you will pay much less than someone who requires a full set of porcelain veneers. Everything from the type of cosmetic treatment to the number of teeth being treated will be taken into consideration. Even the materials used and any pre-cosmetic work (i.e. tooth extraction for Invisalign or periodontal therapy prior to veneers) that needs to be completed will be factored into the overall cost.

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